Our basic philosophy at TMJ Therapy Sleep Solution is to find the cause of health problems before providing therapeutic care that rehabilitates injured structures. While traditional medical solutions involve the treatment of symptoms through medication and physical therapy, we will offer solutions based on the origin of a problem, whether it is an injury or a structural issue. Because highly trained doctors are providing care at our practice, we offer dental solutions to medical problems (although these solutions are not performed on the teeth).

Drs. Ariz and Arami can restore orthopedic functions (such as chewing and swallowing), improve breathing, and resolve other symptoms when creating customized orthopedic appliances (called orthotics). This technique treats injured orofacial structures (like the TMJ) through a functional and structural approach.

Some of the protocols we use at our office include the following:

  • Evaluate and diagnose the cause, nature, and severity of the problem in order to determine the best treatment solutions for optimal improvement.
  • Determine any other problems and symptoms that may affect treatment.
  • Develop an appropriate treatment plan, which may involve TMJ therapies, Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), or a combination of treatments.
  • Create custom-made oral appliances for treatment.
  • Monitor patient treatments for the 12 weeks of standard care for TMJ and OSA. Our evaluations and patient education are for:
    • Use of the appliance for optimal improvement
    • Any needed referrals for optimal improvement
    • Any needed medications for optimal improvement
    • Suitable nutrition and supplements for optimal improvement
    • Suitable recall evaluations for treatment management