Our practice has provided sleep therapy and treatment for the TMJ in Los Angeles, California, for over 25 years, helping to
improve our patients’ life expectancy and lifestyle. As you can see from the reviews below, patients benefit from our
doctors’ natural, non-surgical therapies, healing from pain and experiencing improved sleep health. We welcome you to
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I was having severe neck, shoulder, left arm pain with numbness in my fingers, clenching and/or grinding and waking up
constantly at night causing me to feel unfresh in the mornings. Dr. Ariz fitted me for Orthotic Oral Appliances for both
day and night, After only 2 weeks of treatment my range of motion in the neck area improved and the pain is now gone
away, I am sleeping through the entire night and feeling more energized in the mornings. Dr. Ariz you rock !
-Doris DL

I was having a lot of jaw and neck pain due to clenching my jaw. I was constantly waking up during the night, and when I
did sleep, it wasn’t restful. Dr. Ariz fitted me with a mouth appliance to wear during the day, and one to wear at
night. After the therapy I no longer felt soreness in my jaw, the neck pain subsided drastically, and I was able to
sleep much better. Thank you Dr. Ariz! Thanks,
~ Heather B.

I had jaw and eye pain. The pain would cause me migraines. I also had sleep apnea that would cause me to wake up at
night from all of the snoring and gasping for air.
The appliances helped me realize the extent to which I was grinding my teeth, and they helped me correct the problem.
But, the best part of the therapy was that I finally understood the extent to which the problems in the rest of body
were causing me to grind my teeth. And that once they showed me what were the underlying causes of my pain, I was able
to work with the doctors to find a solution to my pain.
The pain is almost all gone now, and the jaw clicking is much better. The sleep apnea is all finished, and now I wake up
every day feeling great!
~ M. Adeli